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Payment Accounting Policy

We operate as a modified co-op. This means that for business service connections where you intend to claim the monthly payment as a business expense, the payments that you make to Hillcountry Networks consist of two parts. One part for internet connection and one part for Professional Engineering support. The base internet service charge is $12.95 per month and the balance of your service level is for Professional Engineering services. You can deduct the full amount of your payment as a business expense -- this option is not available for residential accounts that you might choose to use and claim as a business expense. 

You must have a business level account to claim the monthly payments as business expenses. Unless we are notified (by email or USPS mail ) by May 1, 2007 that you wish to deduct our monthly costs and assure that your account is for business service, we will assume you agree to be a home service level account which falls into the following terms: 

For non-business accounts the monthly charge is $12.95 for internet service and the balance is considered a tax-exempt gift to Hillcountry Networks, to indicate your support of our community effort. These gifts are not tax deductible and Hillcountry Networks does NOT claim to be any form of tax exempt entity.

A monthly or annual breakout of charges is available on written or email request. The first request is free and any additional breakout is $10.00, which is also considered a gift to Hillcountry Networks.

Acceptable Usage Policy

It is's Internet Services' goal to protect network resources,
preserve the privacy and security of Internet Services
and our customers' networks, and maximize the utility of internal network resources and the Internet.

The provisions of this Policy are intended as guidelines and are not meant to be exhaustive. Generally, conduct that violates law, regulation, or the accepted norms of the Internet community, whether or not expressly mentioned in this Policy, is prohibited. reserves the right at all times to prohibit activities that damage its commercial reputation and good standing within the Internet Community.

Any "denial of service" attack, any attempt to breach authentication
or security measures, or any unauthorized attempt to gain access to
any other account, host or network is prohibited, and will result in immediate service termination, which may be without notice. defines unsolicited email as any duplicative email messages sent to parties who did not expressly request such email. Any use of property for the composition, distribution, or collection of bulk email, abusive email, or any other form of unsolicited email is strictly prohibited. also specifies that any advertisement of a
site/network that resides on's network
through a third party site/network by unsolicited means is also a
violation of the abuse policy. defines unsolicited posting as any duplicative
USENET posting sent to groups who expressly prohibit such posting in
their charter. Any use of property for the
composition, distribution, or collection of bulk posting, abusive posting,
or any other form of unsolicited posting is strictly prohibited.'s procedure is to deal with each net-abuse
case on an individual basis. Based on an in-depth investigation and a
determination of the severity, will take action
against any parties found in violation of this policy. reserves the right to terminate service at
any time and without warning when a violation of our policy has occurred.

The use of this network to distribute streaming audio or video is prohibited as it greatly taxes any wireless backbone. The continuous use of file sharing services such as limewire, BitTorrent, Gnutella, or Kazaa is also restricted as it is an unnecessary use of valuable network bandwidth and is the cause of arrests and fines by the record companies. We reserve the right to shut down any source of continuous or streaming outgoing transmissions. Again we can provide access to very high speed outbound web hosting services that are located at high speed internet hubs. reserves the right to revise, amend, or modify this AUP, our Internet Service Agreement and our other policies and agreements at any time and in any manner. Notice of any revision, amendment, or modification will be posted in accordance with the Internet Service Agreement


 updated December 18, 2007

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