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Costs provides all the equipment you need to get connected to the internet. Our standard monthly service plans for normal coverage area locations are described below:

Service Plan
Monthly Cost
1.5 mbps
800 Kbps
Movie Watcher
4 Mbps
1200 Kbps
Home Streaming
6 Mbps
1200 Kbps
Family Watcher
8 Mbps
1200 Kbps

Static IP add+$10/mo

10 Mbps
2000 Kbps

We will always attempt to deliver download speeds exceeding the published plan rates, but higher service plans are engineered to consistently deliver higher download speeds when the system is loaded.

These number are for our OnNet locations - within our primary service area. Please text or email us to determine your accessibility - you could be closer than you think!

We also take into consideration your situation and needs and create custom pricing in some cases.

Above is the monthly service charge, and there is a one-time, normal installation, set-up charge of $365.00 for typical "on net" locations. Optional network wiring inside your home and towers or extended poles are available for additional cost. PArts and labor rate installation pricing is also used for custom cases.

Note: The table shows service costs in Federal Reserve Notes. See Dollars -vs- FRN and cost of service to understand why rates seem to increase. Your service typically costs under 5 US (real) Dollars.

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